Stated commercial loans offers stated income commercial loans

When you are analyzing a residential loan, you can determine program eligibility
once you know the loan amount and loan to value (LTV), know your borrowers credit,
know the income of your borrower to calculate their debt to income ratio (DTI),
and accurately profile them for the most suitable loan product.

State Income Loans and Commercial Loans at

On a full doc commercial loan both the borrower’s financials and the property
financials are being analyzed. The borrower is expected to have an acceptable DTI

Who is your Commercial Loan Broker

What can your commercial loan broker do for you? That all depends on which broker you choose to do business with. As is the case for most things in life, there is a variety of financial institutions to choose from. However, not all brokers will provide the same options, variations on loans, and services. Each commercial loan broker will offer similar products and services, but no two will offer the exact same set of products and services. Thus it is important to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of potential commercial loan brokers before choosing one.

Things to Consider

What is Equity Financing vs Debt Financing

If you are starting a business and are looking at your financing options, there are two types of financing available: equity financing and debt financing.

Debt Financing
Debt financing means taking out a loan (money that is to be paid back over a certain period of time, usually with interest). Debt financing is either short term (the loan is to be repaid in less than a year) or long term (the loan is to be repaid in more than a year). Lending parties will also look closely at the business's debt-to-equity-ratio.

Bad Credit Commercial Loans – Ensure Easy Funds at Better Terms

Aspiring for expending your business or starting a new one is no sin if you are suffering from bad credit. You may face some hurdle but with little efforts, a loan is possible in such a case. Bad credit commercial loans are made especially for offering a commercial loan to bad credit borrowers.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Strategies - The Value of Using Stated Income

The use of "Stated Income" (no tax returns and no income verification) commercial loans is a critical strategy to avoid several commercial mortgage loan problems. For example, many borrowers will simply not qualify for a commercial real estate loan if tax returns are used due to high business expenses (and low net income). This article will describe what differentiates a Stated Income business loan from a conventional or traditional business loan.

Business Financing And Commercial Loans - Assisting The Entrepreneur In You

Finance is the lifeline of any business. Every businessman seeks financial help to expand his/her business, buy new property etc, start new ventures etc. Obtaining a loan for financial needs is easier but to get it at lower interest rate and with flexible repayment option is difficult. If you are in fix regarding which loan to go for, don’t look any further. Business financing and commercial loans are kind of loans that offer financial help at very low interest rate and flexible repayment options.


What Commercial Real Estate Investors Should Know About Cap Rate

CAP rate or capitalization rate is the ratio of annual rental income of the property over the purchase price. This number is often shown on commercial property listings. So you must know this jargon if you want to invest in commercial real estate. It’s commonly a number between 3% to 10%.

10 Things Every Buyer Needs - To Close A Commercial Real Estate Loan

Loan documentLoan documentFor nearly 30 years, I have represented borrowers and lenders in commercial real estate transactions. During this time it has become apparent that many Buyers do not have a clear understanding of what is required to document a commercial real estate loan. Unless the basics are understood, the likelihood of success in closing a commercial real estate transaction is greatly reduced.

Disclosure Debate Reheats In Wake Of FTC Report

In the wake of the mammoth study of mortgage disclosures released in mid-June by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the real estate industry is actively analyzing the new forms and the FTC's conclusions about what needs changing. But the opinions on the study and what it could mean for RESPA reform are unsurprisingly varied. Paul Schieber of Blank Rome LLP perhaps said it best when he observed, "To be honest, any new form is probably going to be an improvement, but no form will satisfy everyone."

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What Investors Should Know About Commercial Real Estate Loans

Your commercial real estate transaction does not close unless the loan is approved. You can also improve the cash flow if the interest rate for the loan is low. So the more you know about commercial loans the better decision you can make about your commercial real estate investment.